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Aging Gracefully Coaching Program for Women

Beautiful Women Aging Gracefully Coaching Program for Women

“It is hard for women to grow old gracefully, when in so many ways, society attacks our psyche everyday with messages that warn us to stay the same.”

About Me

I have always been confident in my ability to master things that I could control. I dropped out of high school, took my GED (General Education Diploma), earned an associate’s, bachelor’s, 2 master’s, and a doctorate by the age of 36. I completed my graduate degrees as a divorced single mother of two young children. After graduation, I landed a full-time position teaching psychology at a community college earning a very decent living. Professionally, and academically my life was perfect.

I was never a thin woman, but I wore a size 7 before having my children and a size 12 after having both of my children. I was very confident about my appearance. I took care of my body and watched what I ate; but I had always been pretty lucky and did not have to worry about my physical appearance. and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

My Changing Body Affected my self-esteem and self-worth as a Woman

When I turned 44, I noticed that I had started to gain weight, and for the first time in my life, my stomach was no longer flat. I looked in the mirror and was devastated to see white hairs growing around my chin and neck. Even the most intimate areas of my body changed from how it looked when I was younger.

My breasts were no longer firm, my thighs were giggly with cellulite; my hair started to thin on top and the hair along my hairline had turned white. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I went to a family gathering for the holidays and one of my relatives said I have two words for you: stop eating.

I went to the gym, tried several diets—but I could never get my body to look like it did when I was in my twenties and thirties. I would lose the weight and gain it back. This affected my relationship with my significant other because I didn’t want to be intimate in a body that I loathed, hated, and was deeply ashamed of.

I would call my mother crying while telling her about the changes happening to my body. “Ma why didn’t you warn me about these changes?” My mother responded to me, “Women don’t talk about these things it’s too embarrassing—you will get over it and learn how to deal with it like the rest of us.”

I couldn’t just get over it. My changing body caused me to feel insecure and jealous of younger women. And this self-defeating attitude was destroying my relationship with my significant-other and myself. Every time we saw a beautiful waitress, an argument would ensue. I constantly accused him of gawking at other women. I realized that not only did I not want him to look at other women-- and I didn’t want him to look at or touch me either. I felt barren and unattractive.

When I looked in the mirror, I noticed the dark circles and patches on my cheeks and forehead; I counted the new tiny moles on my neck; and then I look around my eyes to see if a new wrinkle had emerged since the day before. Then I would proceed to use the tweezers to remove the hairs from my neck and chin.

Before stepping into the shower, I tried desperately not to glimpse my full nude body to avoid my thoughts about looking and feeling old, frumpy, fat, and unattractive. While cleansing my body, I lifted the lower part of my stomach; the part that once carried my children—it now partially covered my vagina—it maybe even covered my sense of femininity and beauty. Some mornings, I would squeeze these fleshy folds of skin and sob—before the warm water washed away my thoughts.

The menstrual cycle that I had looked forward to coming, when I was a pre-teen, was now leaving. She (my period) had brought many gifts with her-- my breasts, my voluptuous curves, my thick hair, my supple, smooth, and radiant skin, and my sexual energy to attract and keep satisfying intimacy in my life. Now that she was leaving—she was taking all of those things with her.

I no longer felt like a desirable, sensuous, attractive woman. I felt old and dowdy. My body didn’t look the same in my clothes. My waste had expanded. It was difficult to shop for clothes because most clothing stores for women catered to either young women or senior citizens. I had to find a way to feel desirable, beautiful, and feminine again. My negative self-talk and low self-esteem was destroying my relationship and affecting my confidence on my job.

I had to find a new way to celebrate my transition into the Fall Season of my womanhood and redefine, and reconnect with my femininity.

I needed to find a Solution to Cope with my Changing Body

I spent an overwhelming amount of money, time, and sleepless nights trying new diets (shakes, pills, teas-you name it), fad exercise equipment-(guaranteed to work of course) , gym memberships, and anti-aging creams, lotions, scrubs, and body washes—even with minor improvements, my body continued to change. One day I realized, after a good cry—that I was never going to look like I did when I was in my twenties and thirties. The Spring and Summer seasons of my life was now changing into Fall.

I created Beautiful Women Aging Gracefully Coaching Program for Women to assist middle-age women into tapping into their eternal Divine Feminine Inner Beauty in order to learn how to cherish, appreciate, accept, and love their maturing bodies. Connecting with this effervescent force of feminine energy and power will flow into every aspect of their life; giving them the ability to magnetize harmonious joy and love into their everyday lives.

I unleashed the secret pathway to my Inner Beauty

After much trial and error, I put together a program, that will save other women the time, money, and frustration that I went through before learning how to accept and love my body the way it is. I didn’t feel comfortable taking artificial hormones and anti-depressants. Therefore, I did extensive research on the types of foods and natural supplements that helped me balance my hormones and give me radiant and vibrant skin. I created an environment with props that subconsciously reminded me every day that I am gorgeous and lovable.

I created journaling activities to help me excavate all of my beliefs, attitudes, and values about my body, beauty, femininity, and being a woman that was destroying my self-worth. I produced an mp3 with my favorite classical music with self-affirming, inspirational, affirmations that I listened to each night. I created a meditation that unleashed my inner beauty. This exercise inspired me to find simple fashion tricks that made me look and feel intoxicatingly and uniquely beautiful.

I was the exact same size as before, but people were complementing me everywhere I went. I knew that it was simply the universe reflecting my thoughts and beliefs about myself back to me.

When I started loving myself again, I become more creative, fun, and whimsical. I started making life-size fabric sculptures and writing fantasy fiction for the first time in my life.

In my program, I will teach you everything that I have learned, and share all of my secrets with you that have ignited my life with a feeling of being uniquely attractive, creative power, and a fresh and juicy out-look on life.

Why is the Beautiful Women Aging Gracefully Coaching Program Primarily for Middle-Aged or pre-menopausal Women?

The media compares the physical attractiveness of older women to younger women. This creates a competitive relationship among women that continues to destroy and erode our self-esteem; and make it difficult for us to heal by sharing our deepest and darkest concerns about our bodies.

Many middle-age women, for the first time in their life realize that their children, husband, or family no longer needs them to take care of their daily needs. Adult children move away from home. Husbands retire from their jobs. Many women over forty begin to feel overlooked and unappreciated when employers primarily hire and young attractive women.

The Fall season in a woman’s life is very precarious. She is no longer in the developmental stages of starting a family or professional experience—and she is not in the Winter season of being a respected and beloved grandmother, or wise-elder.

When a woman ages, as a society, we stop seeing her as naturally beautiful, feminine, or a desirable woman. Aging women lose estrogen, the hormone responsible for giving us our luscious hair, full-firm breasts, and youthful appearance. The media bombards women with advertisements on how to lose weight, get rid of wrinkles, remove cellulite, get liposuction, and/or get face-lift. It is very difficult to feel confident, sexy, and beautiful as middle-aged women in a society that primarily values youthful-looking women. In my program we re-define femininity and beauty, as it relates to middle-age womanhood.

In order to excel and reach our full potential, as middle-aged women, we must accept our unique beauty in the Fall Season of our lives. We still have so much to offer society and ourselves. The money, time, and energy that we spend on diet plans, pills, exercise equipment, and anti-aging products—we could have created a life filled with love, joy, passion, and happiness. Not to mention the anguish and anxiety we fill in trying to keep or attract a healthy relationship.

The world reflects back to us how we feel about ourselves. Until we learn to love ourselves-- we will continue to emotionally, psychologically, and financially invest in the media’s spiritual war against the self-esteem of women.We are not competing with younger women by hiding our wrinkles and constantly dieting. When we learn to love, cherish, and accept our aging bodies; we lay the psychological foundation for younger women to enjoy a positive body image and look forward to aging gracefully.

Aging Gracefully Coaching Program for Women will benefit you if any of the following questions apply to you:

  1. When you look in the mirror, do you feel overwhelmed by the age-related physical changes in your body?
  2. Do you secretly feel jealous and envious of the physical attractiveness of younger women?
  3. Do the age-related physical changes in your body cause you to feel insecure and less confident at your job?
  4. Do you avoid looking at your nude body?
  5. Are you looking for support or an alternative solution to plastic surgery?
  6. Do you find yourself constantly comparing your body to how it used to look when you were younger?
  7. Are you having problems with intimacy in your relationship due to age-related physical changes in your body?
  8. Are you looking for natural solutions to menopausal related symptoms?
  9. Are you tired of dieting and looking for new ways to feel and look more attractive?
  10. Do you want to discover the next stage of your life purpose?
  11. Are you looking for ways to unleash your creativity?

You no longer need to feel isolated and ashamed of your changing body and emotions. You no longer need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on diets, pills, shakes, and exercise equipment. Not understanding the natural changes that are occurring in your body can cost you not only your self-esteem, mental health, and confidence—but can cause you to lose your marriage / relationship and affect your work performance. You are not alone.

What client personality traits are most likely to benefit from your Aging Gracefully Coaching program for Women?

I work best with women, who are currently committed to a life path of self-improvement, self-discovery, self-empowerment, and self-acceptance—who are looking for innovative techniques and methods to help them reach their goals and dreams.

Women who will best benefit from my services are self-driven go-getters, with a strong sense of personal accountability, and self-awareness who are ready and willing to take action in order to reach their full-potential.

Women who are spiritually grounded and compassionate, with their own sense of magic and universal love and truth-- are most likely to benefit and expand their consciousness and personal growth in my program.

Aging Gracefully Coaching Program for Women will help you:

  • Look and feel more vibrant and radiant
  • Accept your ideal body weight
  • Age gracefully and beautifully
  • Look and feel sexier
  • Have more confidence
  • Improve the intimacy in your relationship or attract a mate who will adore you
  • Unleash your creative genius
  • Discover your calling or life purpose
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Fall in love with your body—just the way it is

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