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Authentik Beauty Magazine is a metaphysical online publication and shop that offers a wide range of intentional magic jewelry, love & money spells, highly spelled magick cloth dolls filled with gemstones, crystals, herbs, Feng shui money frogs and much more. Our platform features articles and videos centered around self-help, self-improvement, personal growth, development, empowerment, positive thinking, and spiritual awakening. By exploring our content, viewers can gain insight and alignment with their life purpose and soul mission.


At CassandraMagickWorld, our online shop, we curate intentional items that promote balance and harmony in various areas of life. Our products are especially designed to complement practices like Feng Shui, meditation, chakras, magick, Angelic Magick, spells, herbs, oils, gemstones, crystals, candles, sigils, doll magick, and oracle and tarot readings. These tools are handpicked and handmade to assist readers in manifesting their personal goals.


 With humble origins, Authentik Beauty Magazine was founded by Cassandra George Sturges, who passionately believes in fulfilling her spiritual contract and acquiring generational wealth while contributing to the overall well-being of all life on planet Earth. By working alongside your spiritual team, you can become an unstoppable force of nature, showcasing your unique beauty that cannot be replicated. Join us on this transformative journey and unleash your authentic beauty.


Greetings, Gorgeous Goddesses,


Awhhh. (Taking a sip of my green tea) At last, we meet. I have been expecting you.


The journey of womanhood on planet Earth is a daunting mission. The female body suit that adorns your divine soul has been the target of public scrutiny, praise, and oppression for centuries. Society forces us, women to focus our attention outward instead of inward, and therefore we lose our focus on what’s important for our own personal growth.

Welcome to the Goddess Gathering

We have to take back our definition of what it truly means to be born a woman. We have to take back our responsibility for our divine gift of reproduction and how it shapes our feminine identity. We brag about not “looking” like we have had children as if bringing life through our sacred tunnel is an insignificant feat. We constantly compare our bodies to how we looked when we were younger or to the physical attributes of other women.


Our female body suit is such a precious gift designed to wrinkle, fade, and stretch over time. The beauty of the female earth suit is in the details of how well it is worn by its owner—not how many times it has been altered—to look the same—to never change.


As a woman, the most difficult challenge in my life has been learning how to love me. I have read books and taken my fair share of how to build confidence courses, and improve Self-esteem classes. It’s so easy to love a man, or another woman, our family-- and even easier to love our children. However, truly learning how to love myself has been the key that has unlocked my creative gifts and filled my life with magic.


Going through peri-menopause and menopause with virtually no help or support for women has inspired me to be the help that I was seeking. I searched for an Aging gracefully coaching program for women to no avail. After years of struggle and research, I found a way finally to love myself. I created Beautiful Women Aging Gracefully: Divine Feminine Self-Love Program. Click the highlighted text to read my journey.


I started sewing handmade OOAK cloth art dolls at the age of 45 just for fun. At the time, I didn’t know that the dolls were characters in a fantasy fiction story. I started writing the Jungle Beauty Goddesses’ book series at the age of 47. You can click on the link here: Jungle Beauty Goddesses to see what events happened prior to their birth to explain why they are the last deities to ever exist in the universe in my fantasy fiction story.

At the age of 49, I created my 17-20 inch Authentik Beauty Dolls that hold signs that remind me never to stop believing in myself. I can make a One-of-a- Kind cloth doll or mermaid for you or someone you love. Check out my CassandraMagickWorld by clicking the link here.

The root of all success starts with Self-love. If you are looking to transform your life from the mundane to the exotically insane…you are home. Close the door. Sit down. Get comfortable. Let’s get started.

Cassandra George Sturges

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