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DIY Doll Shoes Tutorial How to Make Doll Thong Sandals

DIY Doll Shoes Tutorial How to Make Doll Thong Sandals

By Cassandra George Sturges

One of the things that I have to remember when making doll shoes is that—the dolls are not going to be actually walking with the shoes on.

I know that sounds crazy—but sometimes I stress myself out with minor details as if the doll sandal needs a stronger glue or strap.

So, when you are making these cute doll sandals, take a deep breath and remind yourself that your doll will not be walking with these shoes—at least not in this realm of reality.

Yes, she may have a role in the Movie Toy Story 4—but that is a completely different conversation.

I chose to use felt as the sandal trap, covered with lace. People tell me that these two fabrics do not go together. However, I don’t believe in rules. I don’t believe that any other person on this planet have a right to tell other people how to be creative.

I think one of the primary reasons that people lose their ability to be creative is because they listen to other people tell them what to make; what colors are acceptable for various projects; and what mediums go together.

We are all creative beings. We came to planet earth to express our own unique individuality. Don’t let other people’s views, perspectives, and ideas about beauty prevent you from letting your creativity shine through.

If your doll does not have a split between her big toe and her other toes, use a strap to go across her foot. I like to use the E-6000 because it has a forgiving spirit. It will give you an opportunity to re-position your doll shoe parts-- until it is just the way you like it.

However, if you use a glue gun, make sure that you know exactly what you are doing. It dries quickly and firmly and leaves little time for error.

Use your unique soul print to share your creative gifts with the world.

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