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Mind Tricks Holding You Back Pick A Card Tarot Reading

Hello Dollings, in this Pick A Card video you will be surprised at some of the mind tricks that are holding you back from expressing your soul's full potential. During one of the readings, the Universe said, "You should be doing something that you want to do that that scares you. This is how you know you are pushing outside of the boundaries of your comfort zone and living fully in the moment." Broke me all the way down, and gave me the courage to read a chapter of my Jungle Beauty Goddess book series on my YouTube channel. I felt so vulnerable reading Eve's Sisters, my heart was racing the whole time, think that viewers would be repulsed by my imagination.. The World is still spinning. hope you find value in these readings as well. Thank you so much for watching.

Mind Tricks Holding You Back - Pick A Card Reading - Jungle Beauty Goddesses Message

3:55 |Pink & Black Zebra Print Divine Feminine Butterfly

19:27 |Burgundy & Black Lace Divine Feminine Butterfly

29:39 |Sky Blue Denim Divine Feminine Butterfly

42:02 |Red Tiger Print Divine Feminine Butterfly

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