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DIY: How to Sew Doll Panties Tutorial


•Rules are made to be broken.

•All Mistakes are fun because they give you an opportunity to grow and find fun, innovative, and interesting ways to solve problems and perceived errors.

•And this is why God made erasers, lace, and ribbons.

•Doll pattern


•Fabric tracing pencil

•Measuring Tape



•Sewing machine


•E600 Glue

•Lace (optional)

•Bows (Decorations are optional)

Patience 50 %

Imagination 50 %

•Greetings Wonderful Viewer, the first thing you want to do is measure your doll.

•Measure across the widest part of her hips to get your width.

Measure Doll from navel to lower back

•Next measure from the bottom of her stomach—take the measuring tape between her legs all the way back to the bottom of her back.

•This is how long your panties need to be.

Draw Panty Pattern

•Panties are basically the shape of an hour glass.

•Look at my pattern for doll panties and draw your own based on your doll measurements.

•To be perfectly honest with you I like to eyeball my size. If you are like me, find an old piece of fabric that you don’t need to eyeball your size.

•This way you won’t make a mistake using fabric that you need.

Stretch Elastic around the Edges

•Now that you have your hourglass shape, you are going to attach the elastic around the leg.

•Leave approximately an inch of elastic at the end of fabric.

•Fold the elastic around the rim. Stick one pin in at the end to secure the elastic.

Set your sewing Machine on Zig Zag stitch

•Place the foot down on the elastic (say a prayer my child).

• Gently pull the elastic as tight as you can for a few inches at a time while sewing with the zig zag stitch until you are done.

•When you pull it nice and tight, the edges will curl.

•Go back and finish the other end with the pin.

•If you want to add lace to the edges of the panties, simply line it up over the elastic – (I use a simple straight stitch for this, gently pull the edges and sew on the lace.

•Once you are finished with the edges.

•Fold the fabric good-side to good-side ( some call it right-side to right-side. Just remember this simply means the fabric side that you want to be seen when you are finished.)

•Sew one of the sides to together.

•Now you can focus on the waist line of the panties.

•Use the same method you used to sew around the legs of the panties to add elastic.

•The tighter you pull, the stretcher it will be.

•Double check the waist of the panties to make sure they can slide up pass your doll’s hips.

Put panties on doll first before attaching flowers or ribbons for symmetry.

Then glue or sew on flower to make sure that it is in the perfect spot.

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