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Pick A Card –How Does He Feel About Me – YouTube Series

When I was in my late teens, twenties, and thirties, my finding love, keeping love, and enhancing love dominated my every thought. When we are in the spring season of our lifetime, we want to use our Earth bodies to experience the physical love of connecting our earth suites to another human. We obsess over what our earth suit look like and feel like.

When we are obsessed with finding a romantic partner we constantly ask ourselves, “How do they feel about me?, Will He marry me?; Will we get back together? Is it over?; Do They Love Me?

Using my Jungle Beauty Goddess Oracle / Tarot Cards, I have created several Pick A Card, Tarot readings to help you sort through your feelings, about “How Does He Feel About Me?”

Please remember that these are general readings not attuned to your specific vibration, therefore you may not feel that the information applies to your specific situation. Remember these Tarot Card readings are for entertainment purposes and that you my Dolling… have unlimited potential realities at any given moment based on your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings that can change your outcome at any given moment.

Take a moment to ground your spirit before selecting a butterfly color that resonates with your spirit. Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth behind your teeth. Take in a deep breathe to the count of nine, hold it to the count of nine, and release it to the count of nine. Do this 3 times before selecting your butterfly color.

If you feel called to do so listen to another reading or the entire your video there may be information that resonates with you, or give you more clarity and deeper insight into your situation.

Cassandra George Sturges

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Pick A Card Tarot - Will They Leave Them for Me - Will They Leave Them for You - Oracle Reading

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