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Josephine Sock Doll DIY Pattern

Cassandra George Sturges

Authentik Beauty Handmade Dolls & Crafts

I hope you enjoy making this Josephine Sock Doll DIY Tutorial. I had so much fun creating this sock doll pattern because she pushed me outside of my comfort zone of primarily using a 2 way stretchy fabric and having unlimited space to create my cloth dolls. I made her 4 times before I was able to fit all of her body parts onto a single pair of socks-- Stretchy, soft, socks--that nearly drove me insane... Okay more insane.

Josephine had so much to say while I was creating her. I will share a little bit of her story here:

"I did his homework for him all throughout high school. Every girl in school had a crush on him. They batted their eyes and switched their hips in hopes that he would glance at them--even if he didn't bother to speak back. He has always been good-looking and he knew it. I mean... he isn't some average good-looking guy. No. No. No My husband has supernatural good looks. God's Masterpiece for masculinity. He is so good-looking-- that he is cursed by the gods --because it is an unfair burden to him to have so much unearned adoration and attention. I was always considered to be the ugliest girl in high school--every girl tried to take him from me because they didn't believe that I deserved him...We will talk more about this later."

This is a snippet of Josephine the Sock Doll Story. I will share more later as I finish making her. For now, let's have fun and make her. The pictures should print out on letter size paper in the correct size of the sock doll pattern. Stay tuned for the completion of Josephine.

You may also download the pattern from my Jungle Beauty Goddess website as a PDF file. Here are the links:

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