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Authentik Beauty Doll Story

This is my Authentik Beauty Doll story--it's not pretty--but it's raw and honest.

I was never a thin woman, but I wore a size 7 before having my children and a size 12 after having both of my children. I was very confident about my appearance. I took care of my body and watched what I ate; but I had always been pretty lucky and did not have to worry about my physical appearance.

When I turned 44, I noticed that I had started to gain weight, and for the first time in my life, my stomach was no longer flat. I looked in the mirror and was devastated to see white hairs growing around my chin and neck. Even the most intimate areas of my body changed from how it looked when I was younger.

My breasts were no longer firm, my thighs were giggly with cellulite; my hair started to thin on top and the hair along my hairline had turned white. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. I went to a family gathering for the holidays and one of my relatives said I have two words for you: stop eating.

I went to the gym, tried several diets—but I could never get my body to look like it did when I was in my twenties and thirties. I would lose the weight and gain it back. This affected my relationship with my significant other because I didn’t want to be intimate in a body that I loathed, hated, and was deeply ashamed of.

I would call my mother crying while telling her about the changes happening to my body. “Ma why didn’t you warn me about these changes?” My mother responded to me, “Women don’t talk about these things it’s too embarrassing—you will get over it and learn how to deal with it like the rest of us.”

I couldn’t just get over it.

My changing body caused me to feel insecure and jealous of younger women. And this self-defeating attitude was destroying my relationship with my significant-other and myself. Every time we saw a beautiful waitress, an argument would ensue. I constantly accused him of gawking at other women. I realized that not only did I not want him to look at other women-- and I didn’t want him to look at or touch me either. I felt barren and unattractive.

Something had to change.

It is hard for women to grow old gracefully, when in so many ways, society attacks our psyche everyday with messages that warn us to stay the same.

Look around you at the messages from the media that are bombarding you every day telling you that:

You are too fat

Too skinny

You need smaller or bigger breasts

You need a smaller or bigger butt

Lips are too thin

You are not clean enough

You need to try a new diet

Have some type of cosmetic surgery

Remove wrinkle

Dye your hair

Most of us played with dolls that conditioned us through our playtime imaginations to believe that to be beautiful we needed to be tall and slender with a tiny nose. The message to love and accept our unique beauty and bodies contradicted the saturation of media advertisements to preserve youth at all cost. I needed to write my own Authentik Doll Story.

I have created Authentik Beauty Dolls that hold inspirational signs that remind me every day—that I am beautiful, smart, prosperous, unique, that God loves me. If society wants to brainwash me with messages telling me that I am not good enough—I decided to brainwash myself with the messages that I needed to see in order to feel good about myself.

While getting dressed in the morning, when I reach over to squeeze lotion in my hand and I automatically read the Authentik Beauty Doll holding a sign reminding me that I am beautiful every day. When I am going through a challenging time at work, I sit my Authentik Beauty Doll next to my computer that holds up a sign that reads: “Believe in Yourself.” This is the Authentik Doll Story that I needed to read. Yes!

Now I know this may sound crazy, but I feel like my dolls have saved me a ton of money that I previously had spent on diets—just to gain the weight back months later; therapy, (laugh out loud); gym memberships, and cosmetic surgeries. It feels good to see something every day that affirms my unique beauty and self-worth.

Place your Authentik Beauty Doll in a place where you will unconsciously read the sign every day such as: next to your nightstand, on your vanity table or bathroom sink, next to your computer, next to your favorite chair in the living room.

No two dolls look alike. Each doll is handcrafted, stuffed with fiberfill, and contains a wire armature. They can be placed is several sitting positions. She is approximately 20 inches tall. Authentik Beauty Dolls are not toys. They are anatomically correct and beautiful with their clothes on or off. Their eyes are made of faux pearls. They have artificial eyelashes and nails. Each doll is a one-of-a-kind, valuable, collector’s item to cherish for years to come.

Here are some ideas on how to personalize your Authentik Beauty Doll Story:

You can do it!

Every day, in every way—you get better and better

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Smile. Jesus loves me.

Smile. God loves me.

You are Fabulous!

Too Bless to be Stressed.

You are all that and a bag of chips!

You deserve the best.

You are perfectly flawed.

You are Beautiful beyond Compare

You are rich and Wealthy!

You are Radiantly Beautiful

You are vibrantly Healthy

You are a gifted creative genius.

You are divinely brilliant!

Follow your Heart

Listen to your intuition

All is well!

You are a Gorgeous Goddess


You are a Winner!

Get Well Soon

Dream Big!

You may customize your order:

Skin color: Black, White, Medium, Brown

Mermaid: Black, White, Medium, Brown, Gray

Select Inspirational Messages:

Authentik Beauty Dolls make perfect gifts. You may customize messages in 20 words or less to say for Example:


I am proud of you!

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