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Step by Step Money Candle DIY

By Cassandra George Sturges

Supplies Needed - Green, Gold, Red, Purple, or a Navy / Dark Blue Large Jar candles (strongly recommended)

You may buy your candles from the dollar store, Target, Amazon, Walmart, or wherever you purchase candles.

I prefer to purchase my candles from Walmart because the large candles are less expensive and they ship to your home.

  1. Shredded Money
  2. Gold Flakes
  3. Coins

When you go fishing, you need a worm. You have to add something of value as an offering. You can’t go fishing with a toothbrush, or rubber worm. The same with the money candle, you must offer the spirit world a similar energy of exchange.

Additionally, make sure your vibration is stable before creating your candle. You don’t need to be on cloud nine, but make sure you don’t feel down or depressed. Your candle will absorb your energy.

You don’t need all of the ingredients to make the money mega candle. Use your own creativity to enhance your money candle.

Please listen to your instincts and take immediate action. My experience has been that magick connects the dots in your life to bring you the deepest desires of your heart. You are co-creating with the universe. You won't magically receive a degree in the mail if you never enrolled in school.

If you don’t play the lottery, don’t expect to win the lottery—however you may get a new job, raise in pay or promotion in your current job, or someone who owes you money pay you back out of the blue. You may feel the urge to buy a lottery ticket—buy it.

Keep a journal. Sometimes you make appear to be losing money—don’t lose hope this is a sign that it is working.

Don’t make just one candle—you should always burn some type of wealth candle most of the time for at minimum three hours a day. Prosperity candle making is not a “one and done” type of energy. It’s more like meditation—prayer, hygiene, etc---it has to be done consistently to get the best results.

When I make candles or do other spiritual work, I become very tired and sleepy for a day or so; this is why I do not like to make candles or dolls for others.

I hope you enjoy making this wonderful money candle.


You will also need sage or Florida Water to cleanse items.


  1. Hamsa Hand for protection
  2. Money bags, or money sign charms


  1. Garnet
  2. Citrine
  3. Green Aventurine
  4. Imperial Topaz
  5. Dendritic Agate AKA “the Stone of Plentitude”
  6. Pyrite

Money Herbs

- Peppermint

- Spearmint

- Skullcap

- Mint

- Basil

- Cinnamon Chips

- Rosemary

- Yam Root

- Allspice

- Thyme

- Cloves

- Spice

- Ginger Root

- Nutmeg



  1. Money Drawing Oil
  2. Wealthy Way Oil
  3. Protection from Envy Oil
  4. King Solomon Oil
  5. Double Good Luck Oil
  6. Black Destroyer Oil
  7. High John the Conqueror Oil

Other Materials Needed for Money Candle Tutorial

  1. Sharpie and or acrylic Painter - Purple, Green, Gold, Red, Silver
  2. Glitter – Purple, Green, Gold, Red, Silver
  3. Sharp item to inscribe candle and make holes
  4. Clear Glue or Crystal Glaze

I like to grind all of my ingredients in my mortar bowl. After it has blended nicely, I add the oils. I placed the left over mixture into a Ziploc bag, and write the date on it.

Step 1. Peel the Labels off the sides and the bottom of the candle. Clean the remaining Sticky residue with acetone nail polish remover.

Step 2. Use sage or Florida Water to Clear all negative energy from the candle. You may also visualize white sparkling light clearing all spiritual debris from anyone who touched the candle. Once the candle feels clean, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3. On the Bottom of the candle, I like to use the Rune Symbol, Algiz for protection. I also like to write around the candle at the bottom, that I am thankful for being divinely protected from all negative energy, curses, hexes, evil, ill-intentions, envy, jealousy, including my own negative thinking. Write whatever you want claiming divine protection for your Money candle and prosperity.

Step 4. Using a black sharpie or acrylic painter, draw as large as you can the Star of David on the side of the glass jar containing your candle. Watch my YouTube video for more detailed instructions.

Step 5. Connect the points of the Star of David, creating a hexagon using the black Sharpie.

Step 6. Write symbols of Wealth in the surrounding shapes. I use the American Money sign, and the Following Rune Symbols, Wunjo, Fehu, Jera, Uruz and Sowilo.

Step 7. In the center hexagon, I write a personal note of Gratitude for the abundance of wealth in my life. Write whatever you like that feels authentic to your personality.

Step 8. Dip your finger in clear glue, and cover the center area with your personal note. While wet, sprinkle, purple, green, gold, silver, red glitter over the center until it is completely covered. Color the other sections, purple, blue, gold, red, or green. Watch my YouTube video for more detailed instructions.

Step 9. Use an object similar to an ice pick to place 7, 8, or 9 holes on the top of your candle. Seven is a lucky number for me, this is why gently push 7 holes in the top of the candle clockwise.

Step 10. I use a sharp pointed item to inscribe again, my full name, including nickname and birth date around the circumference in the candle wax again, thanking God—or whoever you wish to thank for the wealth and prosperity in my life.

Step 11. I add my Master Money Herb and oil mixture to the top while chanting money affirmations. I pour additional money drawing oil, and protection oil, My Favorite protection oil is Black Destroyer sold by 2goodluck(dot)com.

Step 12. Add Citrine, Green aventurine, Garnet, Pyrite, and /or Dendritic Agate also known as the Stone of Plentitude adding abundance to all areas of your life. Use gemstone chips or the smallest size you can find. Sprinkle the gemstone chips on top of the herbs while visualizing money flowing into your bank account or having the things you need.

Step 13. Sprinkle dried red roses, dried lavender, purple, red, gold, silver, green glitter on the top of the candle.

Step 14. I like to blow my breath onto the candle to give it more of my energy. Then I read Psalm 23 from the Bible 3 times while holding the candle charge it. You may say and do whatever you like to charge your candle.

Step 15. Place your candle in the far left corner of your personal room or home. This is your wealth area.

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