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Why Why Unfaithful Women Cheat on Good Men

Why Unfaithful Women Cheat on Good Men

By, Cassandra George Sturges, MA, MA, Psy.D

Advances in technology have created a chasm in the relationship between men and women. Historically, men and women needed each other for survival. Men hunted big game, built homes, and protected women from predators. Women gathered, decorated the home, made the clothing, and raised the children. There was a time in modern day society when a women walked in the room men stood up, if a woman needed a seat on the bus all the men would offer there seat, if a woman wanted to get in a car or needed a door open gentlemen would rush to open the door for her.

Now both men and women shop at the grocery store, own guns, fight side by side in wars, and buy their clothes from the mall. Men don’t need women for sex--strip clubs are everywhere and pornography is a billion dollar industry. Women don’t need protection from men--guns are sold on every corner, she can go to the sperm bank to get pregnant, and if she loses her job the government will provide her with food stamps, baby food, day care, and housing. Men and women are struggling to connect with each other outside of the bedroom. The relationship between masculine and feminine energy is in crisis and needs to be healed.

Men and women are taught to hate any and all things that are connected to feminine energy. This is why women are no longer proud of being housewives and taking care of their children. Raising a human being to be a loving and kind person who contributes to the well-being of society is no longer an honorable goal to many modern day women.

The dominant masculine energy has created a social structure where he is no longer needed in the bedroom or the boardroom—even most manual labor jobs have been replaced by machinery and technology. The majority of jobs available in industrialized societies, no longer need physical strength from males; employers are looking for people with excellent communication and customer service skills to meet the needs of a global economy. Listening, patience, and connecting with other humans whether it is in person, over the Internet or the telephone—this is a dominant skill set of feminine energy.

Women are using their high-heel pumps to kick down glass ceiling in the competitive work force, academia, and political arena that was once dominated by men. Ironically, in order for women to become leaders, politicians, directors, CEOs, presidents, managers, and supervisors… nature provided them with more testosterone in order to adapt to a competitive work environment. This testosterone boost has given women the psychological cutting edge and confidence they need to be more ambitious, assertive, and decisive.

Long work hours, poor diet, no time to relax, and being disconnected from family and friends cause women to experience many of the spiritual and psychological issues men have experienced for centuries. Heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, even male pattern baldness, and other stress related diseases are more common in women than in the recent past. Collectively, women’s health and longevity rates are starting to decline.

Women are now privy to knowing what it feels like to have a late lunch with a co-worker that turns into a sexual rendezvous. Women are now learning what it feels like to go on a week long business trip away from her family to find herself drunk, naked, and in the arms of the hotel bartender. Women are now spending so much time in school and at work—like men--they are learning what it feels like to be emotionally disconnected from their children and family.

Women are learning spiritual lessons about what it feels like to separate her emotions from her heart. It’s easy to be judgmental of masculine energy’s cheating behavior expressed via the male sex; but until a woman has worn a man’s tie—she doesn’t know what it feels like to be symbolically strangled to death trying to act out the role and read the script of dominant masculine energy.

Nature is not self-righteous. In order for masculine and feminine energy to come together in harmony both men and women need to “feel” what the other sex is experiencing in order to have a real conversation about infidelity to begin the healing process.

  • He is too connected to His Feminine Energy

In most cases, if a man has strong feminine energy his wife or girlfriend probably has strong masculine energy. This means that she has found a way to remove her heart and feelings from her behavior. Just like a man who is having an affair on his wife and children—she justifies and rationalize cheating on the people she love.

One, reason unfaithful women cheat on good men is because he is in touch with his feminine energy. Men who are in touch with their feminine energy have a tendency to be nurturing, compassionate, and submissive. These characteristics are expected from women who are viewed as being inferior to men. But when a man is sensitive and non-assertive both men and women refer to him as a wimp, pussy, sissy, or girl.

Even though women claim that they want a man who is nurturing, sensitive, and connected to his feelings—when they actually get this man—his feminine energy is disrespected and dishonored in the same manner of which women are mistreated. This is why it is very important for human beings—both male and female to heal and balance their feminine energy because it doesn’t matter if a soul is wearing a male or female earth suit—they will be treated according to the feminine script as written by society.

  • Bad Men are Unable to Comprehend the Spiritual Lesson for Evolvement

The second reason unfaithful women cheat on good men is because “bad” men (i.e. men disconnected from their feminine energy) are not capable of feeling the emotional pain of intimate disloyalty and betrayal in order to bring about a psychological healing for masculine energy. A “bad” man would process cheating in his left brain hemisphere… the same left brain that justifies slavery, war, genocide, human trafficking and rape. He would be filled with anger, rage, and revenge… not self-reflection, personal accountability, and the seething pain of what it feels like to have a broken heart. He is incapable of becoming an advocate for wisdom, growth, and transformation that unities both masculine and feminine energy.

The “bad” men will be healed and affected indirectly by his male relatives, friends, and co-workers who display and share the pain of what it feels like to be betrayed by women whom they love and trust. The movies “Unfaithful” and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” are two movies that illustrate what if feels like for men who are faithful in their marriages to discover that their wives are having an affair.

The Universe illustrates that Infidelity is not a Male or Female Trait

The third reason that unfaithful women cheat on good men is because-- if it happened to men whom society felt deserved to be cheated on; society would dismiss the collective karmic debt of all men and masculine energy by focusing only on the individual male. When a “Good Man” is cheated on society can look at infidelity as a moral epidemic that needs healing in human nature.

Men have used science to declare that monogamy is not a natural or normal aspect of human nature. The fallacy with this argument is that monogamy is not synonymous with liar and cheater. If a man and a woman agree to be sexually faithful to each other—married or not—this is a moral contract between two souls—if one or both parties decide to have intimate relations with another person and discuss it with their mate before engaging in sex—this is an ethically and morally healthy relationship.

Cheating is a character flaw because one person is giving less and receiving more than what both partners agreed to contribute to the relationship. When a person lies to their mate about having sexual relations outside of the committed relationship, this is an imbalance of give and take within the relationship. A psychologically whole and healthy person treats other people the way they want to be treated. It is not divine human nature to be deceptive to people who entrust us with their love.

Cheating on someone is more treacherous than stealing or robbery-- although what you are taking is intangible—it is also psychologically irreplaceable. It doesn’t matter why you want something of more value than you are willing pay for it. When you cheat on a person you rob their soul by making it more difficult for them to trust again. You rob them of their self-esteem because hidden away in the depths of their soul they begin to wonder about what they might have done to cause you to cheat. The person who has been cheated on may even begin to wonder if they are lovable at all.

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