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Fashion Handmade Black Sock Doll Craft Pattern DIY - Josephine

Cassandra George Sturges

Greetings Dollings, in part 3 on How to make the Josephine Sock Doll Pattern DIY, I will show you how to attach her arms to her body. Additionally, for those of you who are interested, I will show you how to make your Josephine Sock Doll anatomically correct. I give a warning in the YouTube video for those who are not interested to stop watching, as it is my sincere desire not to defend anyone.

In part 4, I show you how I needle sculpt Josephine’s doll face to create her nose, mouth, and inset eyes. For this project, you will need a flesh colored pair of socks, Morning Glory or Mountain Mist Fiberfill, doll needles, and upholstery thread.

I am going to share a little bit of Josephine’s story. She is a very talkative and reflective fabric doll. I will share her entire story and interview at the end of the Josephine Sock Doll Tutorial.

“I was named after my daddy. His name was Joseph. He wanted a boy so that he could name his son after himself. My father wanted a boy so bad that he bought baby and toddler t-shirts, baseball caps, pants, blankets, shirts, toys… all kind of stuff with the name Joseph written on it. My father read a Law of Attraction book that instructed him to create a material physical environment to reflect his deepest wishes and that his desires would be manifested into reality.

My daddy always told me that he was cursed –when it came to having kids because after I was born he had 5 more girls.

When I was born, I was told that my father threw up from disappointment—not only because he wanted a boy—but because he said that I was the ugliest baby that he had ever seen.

I don’t know if my parents couldn’t afford to buy new baby clothes and toys or they didn’t care enough—but all of my belongings until the age of 5 have the name Joseph embroidered, typed, or stamped on them—but the letters, I, N, and E are written on the end, barely legible with a black Sharpie marker.

To be continued…

"I know there is a doll inside of you who is dying to come to life...But only you can breathe life into her. Bring a handmade doll to life."

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