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I am that girl… Cassandra George Sturges

I have taken myself from being raped behind a church in 7th grade that contributed to me skipping school, drinking alcohol excessively, and failing all of my classes in high school. To completing my G.E.D (General Education Diploma) and earning an associate’s, bachelor’s, 2 master’s degrees, and a doctorate degree in psychology.

I started my first magazine, Triumph in 1999--just folded white paper that I hand delivered to local gas stations, beauty shops, grocery stores, and any business with traffic that didn’t say no--more than twice.

I have written and self-published 9 books that are available on Amazon. I have been married and divorced and I have two adult children.

I worked as a foster care social worker, supervisor, therapist for 13 years. I have been teaching psychology full-time for almost 20-years at a community college in Michigan.

It is very difficult to love, cherish, and respect yourself as woman, when you don’t see reflections of yourself in the world. I am that girl... who is now that woman who believes in herself-- and I wouldn't change a single thing.

I will share my journey, my truth, my obstacles, and my triumphs with you. My desire is not to change you—advise you—or tell you what to do in any manner. I just want you to feel inspired and motivated to have the courage to be authentically and un-apologetically you.

That's all.

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