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Life Hack-- Life Lesson When to Change Lanes

Life Hack-- Life Lesson When to Change Lanes


One life hack, Life lesson that I have learned is that when there is an obstruction in traffic, the best thing for me to do is get over as safely and quickly as possible before alerting other drivers by turning on my blinker.


Every time I turn on my blinker, an ambush of cars driving behind me get over and I find myself trapped begging to get over.


I think this is a metaphor for everyday life. In some way I think all of us, are asking for permission to get over whether it is in our relationships, dreams, or jobs.


Sometimes when I am in the opposite position, I don’t let people over because I am in a hurry to get where I am going and there is no malicious intent on my behalf. I am assuming that the majority of people feel like me—it’s not personal but letting you get in front of me slows me down.


Some people will let you over, but God-forbid you forget to thank them—but even when you do thank them—you feel like it’s not enough. They act as if you owe them your first-born son. These people represent the people who take advantage of other people’s hard work and talent. They have the, “I-made-you,” mentality.


They either say or imply—if it were not for me—you wouldn’t be where you are today. These are the people who try to make others feel like they owe them for all of eternity. Their mantra is: “Remember who’s your daddy—remember who let you in—if it weren’t for me you would be still stuck on the side of the road begging for a hand out.”


The life lesson, life hack from this scenario is: Be careful of who you allow to help you in life. How much of your soul and dignity would you be willing to sacrifice to get in the fast lane-- Yes, it may be moving faster-but would you be better off traveling in the slow lane and waiting your turn?


Sometimes we need to wait. Waiting behind the bus, may give you an opportunity to calm down and think about what you really want to say to your boss or mate. It may give you an opportunity to think about what you really want out of life. Sometimes we don’t need to rush over—we need to stay in our lanes.

I remember a few years ago, a driver wanted to pass me but I was unable to let that person get over. The driver was so angry at me, that when he had the opportunity to get over, he or she rushed pass me and flipped their car completely over landing on its hood on the side of the road. I prayed for that person with all of my heart.


The other life lesson on the opposite side of this coin is that when you help other people or let them in—just know that they don’t owe you anything. If they nod or wave their, hand to thank you it is a kind gesture-- but it is not a necessity; and it is not a reflection of their moral character. They may be on their way to work, or late for a doctor’s appointment, or maybe they just learned that they have cancer. It’s not personal. We should give people the grace and karma that we want in return.


The lesson I have learned is that sometimes, I need to look carefully and change lanes without signaling to others because it is the best way for me to accomplish my goals and dreams. Sometimes whether I have the blinker on or off, I can’t find the safe space to get over, so I search my radio for a good song that I can blast until it’s my turn.


Sometimes the grace is in waiting.



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